Roulements miniatures de précision standard


Extra Miniature Bearings Large Sized Stainless Steel Bearings
Extra Thin Type Bearings Steel Balls
Extra Thin Type Flanged Bearings Standard Classes P6, ABEC3
Spindle Bearings Precision Classes P5, ABEC5P


Large Sized Stainless Steel Bearings


1. « Stainless steel » has stronger resistant properties against rust and corrosion than high carbon chromium steel. This type bearing can be used in the temperature range from -60 up to 300 under proper conditions of lubrication and closure.

2. 6000H, 6200H, 6300H series are available in opened, sealed and shielded type under mass production system.

Suitable Applications

  • Food Processing Machine
  • Printing Machine
  • Motor
  • Medical Equipment
  • Textile Machine
  • Optical Instrument
  • Pump


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