Miniature precision radial ball bearings

Extra Miniature Bearings Large Sized Stainless Steel Bearings
Extra Thin Type Bearings Steel Balls
Extra Thin Type Flanged Bearings Standard Classes P6, ABEC3
Spindle Bearings Precision Classes P5, ABEC5P


Extra Thin Type Flanged Bearings


Pioneering Miniature Ball Bearing of the World with our Unique Technology. Our extra thin (F6700 series) and thin type bearings (F6800 EF6900 series) have many variations by our unique original. They only take small space in the units to create compact and light weight designing.

1. The type of bearings with flange on outer ring simplify axial location. It is economical for no spot facing on housing end face.

2. Our extra thin type bearings have any small size balls, which makes friction torque and torque fluctuation low. So they have high toughness and smooth rotation.

3. To get light weight unit and wiring space, we recommend using a pipe shaft.

Suitable Applications

  • Robot
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Machine
  • Deceleration Equipment
  • Optical Instrument
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Motor
  • Card Reader
  • etc.
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