Single and double universal joints and cardan shafts


The cardan joints, type SIN with cross pins made from steel, have features in common with cross joints. In these joints, torque is transmitted through the forks of the two semi-joints to the spherical central core.

The pins are assembled in the central core, on the axis of rotation. The fork ends are milled from the semi-joint hubs. This manufacturing technique assures a higher stiffness and increased torque capacity, with minimum space.

The ground pins are made from hardened steel. For the joints with diameters below 60 mm, the pins are fixed on the forks with a special process. The pins are articulated only between the central core hole. This joint construction assures a greater contact surface on the pins with respect to the forks, and thereby maintains the initial tolerances for a longer period of time.

Joints with external diameters of 70, 80, 90, and 100 mm have the pins fixed on the central core and articulate within hardened steel bushings. The greater depth available permits this assembly method.

Cardan joints and telescopic drive shafts SIN with cross pins should be adequately lubricated. The use of rubber gaiters loaded with grease is recommended to ensure permanent lubrication as well as to provide protection against dust and foreign matter.

Special Executions
These joints are supplied in the following versions: single joints, double joints, joints with quick release, joints for manual operation (BV), fixed drive shaft and telescopic drive shaft. BV joints, for low speed, are a less expensive design adapted for manual operations.


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